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Top Business And Finance News Websites

Top sites for news on business and finance-centric, getting the recent business news on financial & earnings and stock markets of the world. Here is the list out the best platforms for reading business and finance related news online for your pleasure on Topify Naija. We know how much you’d cherished to get to this commerce websites, because number of people out there had ever wanted to know about business and finance specified domain for getting the recent business news on financial & earnings and stock markets of the world online but couldn’t. And to make their search task rewarding, here is the list of top business, finance and commerce related websites.

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CNBC.com is a business and finance specified domain for getting the recent business news on financial & earnings and stock markets of the world. The best about CNBC.com is that by delivering the real-time stock markets positions it is making the process of investment easy and simple for its visitors. Right from the platform of CNBC.com you can get an instant access to the data of markets streaming in formats of videos, stock tickers, quotes, and charts. For the people of Untied Stats and rest of the world, CNBC.com has two main sections. It is for the best platform for getting the news of each and every market either it is finance sector or real estate, life or technology and much more. The market data can be sort out according to regions as well. In the market section, the topics covered by the CNBC.com are pre-markets, US, Asia, Europe, stocks, commodities, currencies, bonds, finds, and ETFS. In order to facilitate the investors, there is a special investment section that provides the information about the trading nation, financial advisors, personal finance, CNBC explains, portfolio, watchlist, stock screener and fund screener. The stock market ticker on the main page will provide you the information about both US and international market. The information about the business shows of CNBC can be acquired from the CNBC.com as well.

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BusinessInsider.com is one of the leading financial domains over the net delivering business and finance news. It covers the various other stories and news as well but the main area of the popularity of this website are business and financial news that it covers on a daily basis. It is said to be the one of the most credible sources for getting the financial news and highlights.

Business Week

BusinessWeek.com is a web-based business magazines and publishing agency working under the supervision of Bloomberg. It delivers the business and finance news in the format of stories, photos, videos and various other. Most of the data compiled by the BusinessWeek.com is being backed by the Bloomberg that itself is sufficient to prove its authenticity. The BusinessWeek.com of Bloomberg covers the issues like cover stories, opening remarks, features, behind the cover and several other trending issues.


Forbes.com is although a multipurpose digital news service but it highly emphasis on financial news, business news, personal finance and position of stock markets. It also covers the topics of technology and lifestyle as well but the number of article in this category are limited. For its high quality of coverage and reliability of sources, Forbes.com is said to be one of the most credible financial sources over the internet.


Bloomberg.com is one of the leading sources over the internet delivering up to the minute business and market news. This news and data are available in the format of stories, analysis, simple data, photos, and videos. It is also the publisher of BusinessWeek magazine as well that is also delivering the almost same services as being offered by the Bloomberg.com to its worldwide readers. Bloomberg.com has developed its web interface in a perfect order.

Deal Book

DealBook.com is the special business news area of The New York Times that is covering the interesting business and finance topic. At the front page of DealBook.com, you can see the arrangement of mergers & acquisitions, investment banking, private equity, hedge funds, I.P.O & offerings, venture capital and legal & regulatory. You can imagine from there topics what you are going to explore at the business platform of the DealBook.com.

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Economist.com is an English based digital newspaper about economics and business affairs. This online weekly English magazine also delivers the authoritative analysis and opinions on various other global affairs like politics and world news as well. But covering the international market issues and market situation is the reason behind the popularity of Economist.com that’s why it is being used as a source of information by the many business news providers.


Stands for Finance Times, it is the leading business and finance news platform for the United Kingdom. FT.com has the nice coverage on domestic and international business market. It also covers the stories of politics as well. The reason behind covering the both topics is to link between politics and finance and showing how both sectors affect each other. If you want to get the latest news about the UK and international business, economic, finance and politics then this is a great go-to hub.


XConomy.com is the provider of news and sights of the business and tech affairs. The main area of coverage by the XConomy.com are business and tech sector. XConomy.com has a strong presence in the United Kingdom and for the same reason most of the business and tech topics and stories covered by the XConomy.com largely belongs to the European market.


IBTimes.com is the official website of the International Business Times that is listed among the leading business and tech news provider with their online coverage and news breaking system. It largely covers the market of the United States of America but at the same time keep an eye over the international market situation as well. Right from the platform of IBTimes.com you can get in-depth news coverage in the sections of business, technology, world, national, millennial money and media & lots more.

Naked Capitalism

NakedCapitalism.com is the provider of world’s most influential economics and finance blog with trenchant commentary and investigation. It also keep an eye on the political situation as well to link the politics to economy. At apparent, NakedCapitalism.com is seems to be the community of the bloggers where they are sharing their point of views with others. A lot of topics are being covered by the NakedCapitalism.com.

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BusinessNews.com.au is a leading Australian newspaper that is offering its business news services in form of a website. BusinessNews.com.au covers the financial news on daily basis from the Australian and international market. From the online portal of Business News you can get the in-depth detail about what is going on in the business world. There are market index at the main page for the information of the readers.

Yahoo Finance

Finance.Yahoo.com is the finance and business news section of the Yahoo from where you can get the free up to date news, stock quotes, portfolio management, international market data, mortgage rates, message boards and various other useful and helpful resources. The online portal of Yahoo Finance by the name of Finance.Yahoo.com is particularly designed to assist the marketers and investors in making the best business decisions.

Market Watch

MarketWatch.com is a financial news provider for knowing about the stock market position and knowing about the global market position. This financial news center is basically the official website of the MarketWatch that is best known for delivering the business news, economic affairs and information about the stock market data. It is also the provider of daily interest rates as well that can are available for mortgage, equity, savings, auto and credit cards.

Seeking Alpha

If you want to get the real time stock market position all with financial analysis by the renowned experts of the world then move to the official website of Seeking Alpha. SeekingAlpha.com is the official website of Seeking Alpha that is delivering the stock market insights and financial analysis. You can also get from there the information about free earnings call transcripts, stock research and investment ideas compiled by the finance experts of SeekingAlpha.com.

Fox Business

FoxBusiness.com is a finance news website of the Fox News from where it delivers the business news and stock quotes. Right from the finance news section of the Fox News that known as FoxBusiness.com you can get information about the business financial news, personal finance information, small business news, stock market index, stock data, stock market news and almost all those that are directly or indirectly linked to the business and finance world.