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How To Cope with Anxiety

Anxiety is the second most common psychological problem, yet remains undiagnosed 75% of the time. In our anxious age, doubts and fears can manifest as simple worries, free-floating anxiety, phobias (agoraphobia, social phobias, etc. See also 530+ List of Phobias ), panic disorders and obsessive-compulsive tendencies. The latter may affect as many as 7 million Americans. Home remedies for anxiety offer the best approach to complement the traditional treatment.

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Anxiety is the unpleasant physical and emotional state experienced by a person that may be a combination of fear, apprehension, or worry. Anxiety can be short term or long term. In short term anxiety, the person feels well after the cause of anxiety has subsided (as when one is worried about visiting a doctor with health report). The long term anxiety, such as those present due to work stress or incompatible relations with important persons of one’s life may persist for longer and can lead to other medical conditions including tension, migraine headache and high blood pressure. Mild anxieties can be treated with natural anxiety remedies which may include some lifestyle changes, home remedies and herbs for anxiety. However, the chronic anxiety (encompassing suicidal thoughts) must be referred to expert opinions of doctors as soon as possible.

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Physical aspects of anxiety include stomach upsets, colitis, migraines, palpitations, hypertension and sweating. Anxiety after trauma, post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), is also increasingly common. Underlying, contributing factors are low blood sugar, food allergy, nutrient deficiency (fatty acids, B complex, etc.) and imbalances of the thyroid, ovaries or adrenals. Home remedies for anxiety can help you get this nutrient in.

Prevention for Anxiety

Many of the herbs that help anxiety work on the same brain receptor sites as drugs like Valium, Xanax and Halcion. Herbs however, tend to be gentler, safer and non-addictive. They have relaxant properties but also nourish and strengthen the nervous system. There are hundreds of home remedies for anxiety and nervous disorders.

One of the major causes of anxiety is stress that may occur when demands are greater than a person’s ability to cope with them. Improving the coping skills or managing the demands and expectations in life can prevent anxiety. One can also bring some lifestyle changes to keep anxiety at bay. Prevention and some habits are the best natural remedies for anxiety. Here is a list of natural remedies for anxiety that can be tried by people who suffer from frequent anxiety attacks.

Exercise: Stay active to avoid the anxiety attacks. Exercise burns off extra adrenaline so jog, walk, cycle, or use exercise equipment like treadmill for at least half an hour four days a week

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Meditation and Deep Breathing: Learn basic deep breathing techniques from some yoga expert or try it yourself by inhaling for longer than normal, hold the breath for a couple of second and then exhale it. Meditation can also be tried to sooth nerves.