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Spectranet Selfcare – Login, Check Data and Get Help Here

Spectranet selfcare

Spectranet selfcare getting started and used to article. Understand how to use Spectranet selfcare web portal. Access your account info, subscription help and usage, data balance, pay your subscription online.

Spectranet selfcare is a web portal that allows customers to access their personal account information online, subscription details and usage, data balance, pay your subscription online anytime and anywhere conveniently.

Are you new to Spectranet services and products?

Spectranet 4G LTE is a multi award winning internet service provider with one of the best 4G LTE service in Nigeria. Spectranet tends to gives customers one edge over their capability and abilities to get along in the tech smart age.

Get all details needed for you to get started and get along with your spectranet self care portal.

Spectranet Self Care Helps

You are right and lucky to be reading this article as it focuses on the on rising Spectranet 4G LTE services usage and help.

Are you having difficulties with your Spectranet selfcare account or you don’t even know how to get started at all.

Worry not, we are about to give exclusive details of Spectranet selfcare account, apparently:

  • Why you need it Spectranet selfcare account
  • Spectranet selfcare benefits,
  • How to recover your Spectranet selfcare account password,
  • How to create new password for yourself
  • Spectranet selfcare account
  • How to check data balance and usage
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And many more.

What is a Spectranet 4G LTE Self Care account?

Spectranet 4G LTE Self Care account is a developed platform or portal where you as a subscriber can log in to, view and access your personal account and activities.

Spectranet Self Care account benefits

There are a whole lot of benefits of Spectranet Self Care account.

With Spectranet Self Care account registration, you are easily able to:

  • Review your personal Information online
  • Monitor dealing related to your Spectranet subscription and usage.
  • You equally have hitch free access to pay your Spectranet 4G LTE subscription online using a variety of methods by updating your payment channel on the portal

Likewise, you can place free migration or plan change request

How to recover and create new password

You might forgot your password through over sight or confusion at times. But recovering it as as much as easy as you may think of.

Creating a new Spectranet Self Care password is just a few minutes away using the following simple steps:

  • On the login page, click the Forgot Password link on the Self Care
  • Enter your username
  • Enter the characters in the Security Image
  • Then, click “Submit
  • You will receive a temporary password instantly via SMS and Email
  • Enter the temporary password and you will be able to access your Self Care account

*Note: Spectranet Self Care highly recommend change of password immediately after the first log in and repeated every month.

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Unable to get temporary password via email?

In this case whereby you find it difficult to retrieve your password upon retrieval request via email.

It is Spectranet practice to deliver all user account related information via SMS / Email for security reasons.

But yet if this happen, please do ensure that the provided mobile number and Email ID is up to date.

Meanwhile, you can call Spectranet Customer Care at 08002345678 if the problem persists.

How to Login to Spectranet Selfcare account

  • Go to the Official website.
  • Enter the username and password that was issued to you at the spectranet office.
  • For new spectranet user, after you login, you’ll be notified to change the default password.
  • Change the default password to a new one you will use it for subsequent logins.

Note: You should know that a default username and password will be issued at the spectranet office.

This will enable you to access the portal anytime. Also, you can change both username and password if you wish to.

How check your Spectranet data balance

Upon logging in to your spectranet selfcare account, to check your Spectranet data balance is very much easy.

Quickly navigate to your Spectranet selfcare dashboard. Your account information and details will be displayed.

Scroll down and you will find your spectranet data balance presented in the format below

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2:16:45 (GB:MB:KB)

Apparently informing you that you currently have two gigabyte, sixteen megabyte and forty-five kilobyte (i.e 2GB, 16MB and 45KB) data remaining.

From your spectranet selfcare dashboard, you can equally check your account information and other options.