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How to Make Noodles Peppersoup

Make Noodles Peppersoup right from your kitchen in the next few minutes? Wondering how to cook Noodles Peppersoup or simply put, how to prepare Noodles Peppersoup? Get in here for Noodles Peppersoup recipes step by step guide.

How To Prepare Noodles Peppersoup:

Hello friends, today I bring you delicious regular meal with a twist. You know how much I hate regular meals and I’m always in the habit of trying to recreate the regular in an un regular way.

How to Make Noodles Peppersoup 1

But non the less, if your a new visitor simply click on this link for my first post on catfish peppersoup

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Always remember that there are no hard and fast rule as to how a particular meal should be prepared, all the knowledge you need is basic skills and then you can subsequently twist the recipe around to achieve a different taste from same recipe.


  • Catfish fresh one
  • Irish potatoes
  • Fresh pepper
  • Dry black pepper
  • Uziza leaf
  • Uziza seed
  • Scent leaf, fresh one
  • African nutmeg (ehura)
  • Onions
  • Water
  • Noodles.

Note :

For images of what the above listed ingredients look like, simply click on the link provided above.

Preparatory Process :

Step 1 :

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Wash the fish thoroughly using salt, warm water and knife to scrap off the slippery back after pouring the warm water. Repeat method untill the fish is no longer slippery.

Step 2 :

For one whole big fish, use one litre of water. Set the water on fire and alow it to start boilling.

Step 3 :

Blend the fresh pepper, onions and uziza seed and add into the already boiling water, add salt and seasoning cube and cover the water allowing same to boil thoroughly for at about 5 minutes.

Step 4 :

Add the pounded ehuru and immediately add the already washed fish into the boiling spiced water. Add seasoning cube, pinch of salt, black pepper and any other spice of your choice intending to use and cover it, allowing the fish to cook for another 15 minutes.

Step 5 :

Add the already sliced uziza leaf and scent leaf, stir gently in other not to break the fish and immediately take it down.

Note :

At this stage, the pepper soup is ready to be eaten with either rice, agidi, as a side dish or along with any grain of your choice. As seen on the below images:

How to Make Noodles Peppersoup 3

How to Make Noodles Peppersoup 4

How to Make Noodles Peppersoup 5

But for the purpose of this post I’m restricting myself to the noodles peppersoup.

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Noodles Peppersoup

After the pepper soup is thoroughly cooked, remove the fish into a bowl. Wash and peel off the bark of the irish potatoes, add it into the peppersoup water, allowing it to cook for another 3 minutes before adding the noodles into the peppersoup water and allow it to cook for yet another 3 minutes but this time, allow them cook simultaneously, at this stage, you can add little water if your earlier water is already drying out. Afterwards, immediately pour in the already cooked fish into the already cooked noodles, taste and adjust seasoning, add more vegetables if you so please, stir and serve.

How to Make Noodles Peppersoup 6

Note :

When cooking the noodles, do not add spice to the noodles cos the peppersoup water is already well spiced.

But if you added water, you can taste and adjust seasoning.

Your noodles peppersoup is ready to be eaten.

You see, I told you it was that easy.