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How to Make Beef Sauce with Thickner

Make Beef Sauce with Thickner right from your kitchen in the next few minutes? Wondering how to cook Beef Sauce with Thickner or simply put, how to prepare Beef Sauce with Thickner? Get in here for Beef Sauce with Thickner recipes step by step guide.

How To Prepare Beef Sauce With Thickner.

How to Make Beef Sauce with Thickner 1

Today I shall be dropping detail process on how to prepare shredded beef sauce with juicy thickner.

Remember I had earlier posted here how to prepare beef sauce without thickner, well, here is a twist that you will be glad to add to your cookery skills.

Just follow me one step at a time.

To prepare this sauce, you will be needing the following under listed ingredients but don’t forget that there is no limit to what you can add to your recipes if you have the means but basically, the listed ingredients will give you a perfect complete recipes for the below displayed sauce.

How to Make Beef Sauce with Thickner 2

Ingredients Required :

  • Cow meat (beef)
  • Beef spice of your choice
  • Olive oil
  • Onions
  • Spring onions
  • Green and yellow bell pepper
  • Carrot ( optional )
  • Corn flour (for thickner )
  • Green peaz
  • Curry
  • Ginger & garlic ( optional )
  • Sweet corn
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Preparatory Process :

STEP 1 :

Wash the beef and cook till its soft using onions, tyme, beef sauce, nutmeg and Cameroon pepper.

Immediately it’s cooked, slice into your desired shape, using one cooking spoon full of olive oil, fry the beef briefly and set it aside.

Alternatively, if your using beef steak, simply marinade the beef and fry on greased pan till it’s cooked thoroughly. Then set it aside.

STEP 2 :

Add onions into the same oil, stir and immediately add one cup of water into the same pan used in frying the meat


Using cold water, dissolve thoroughly without lumps two eating spoon full of corn flour and pour it into the boiling water, add a cube of seasoning cube, stir continuously till it thickens.

STEP 4 :

Add the already fried beef, curry, beef sauce seasoning, a pinch of salt and taste to adjust seasoning. By now the sauce is already thickened and tasty.

STEP 5 :

Add all the sliced vegetables, stir and take it down immediately to avoid the vegetables from overcooking.

Your sauce is ready and can be eaten with any grain, tuber, paste or flour of your choice.

How to Make Beef Sauce with Thickner 3