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Download Alien Covenant [2017] Hollywood Movie

Download Alien Covenant in high quality for mobiles and PC. Watch and Download Alien Covenant Hollywood Full Movie. Full Movie Online FREE, Watch Alien Covenant Movie Online, Download Alien Covenant Full Movie.

Alien Covenant 2017 High Quality Hollywood Full Movie Starring Michael Fassbender , Katherine Waterston , Billy Crudup. Download and Watch Alien Covenant Online HD.

Movie Info

  • Movie Name: Alien Covenant
  • Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi , Thriller
  • Country: USA – UK
  • Language: English
  • Release Date: May, 2017
  • Director: Ridley Scott
  • Writers: Dan O’Bannon (based on characters created by), Ronald Shusett (based on characters created by)
  • Featuring Stars: Michael Fassbender , Katherine Waterston , Billy Crudup
  • Duration: 114 minutes

Movie Synopsis / Plot / Description

Almost eleven years after the disastrous expedition to the distant moon LV-223, the deep-space colonisation vessel Covenant, with more than 2,000 colonists in cryogenic hibernation, is on course for the remote planet Origae-6 with the intention to build a new world. Instead, a rogue transmission entices the crew to a nearby habitable planet which resembles Earth. The unsuspecting crewmembers of the Covenant will have to cope with biological foes beyond human comprehension. Ultimately, what was intended as a peaceful exploratory mission, will soon turn into a desperate rescue operation in uncharted space.,

Movie Review / Remark

I for one am a HUGE fan of the Alien franchise, and this movie is now one of my favorite movies. Though it may be somewhat predictable and familiar, I say that is a good thing as Prometheus seemed to stray too far from the other movies. Speaking of Prometheus, Alien: Covenant does an astounding job of tying into Prometheus and continuing the story of Shaw and David. The acting in this movie is spot-on, and I didn’t find any of the characters to be annoying, or as stupid as the Prometheus crew. There is a twist (I won’t spoil it) that has a lot of fans angry with Ridley Scott, but I don’t mind it, and actually think it takes the story in a good direction. Moving on, the aliens in this movie are awesome, and look amazing. Critics have been stating that the CG on the aliens is spotty, but I didn’t have ant problems with it. The design of the new creatures was unnerving, and kept me on my toes throughout the whole movie. The blood and gore of this film was just the perfect amount, and it always looked realistic and terrifying. Audio design for Covenant was incredible, from the soundtrack that feels like a callback to Alien and Aliens, to the completely unnerving, spine chilling sounds of the aliens and the eerie vibe to the sets. Overall, I had an amazing time seeing Alien: Covenant, and would highly recommend it to any Alien fan.

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