Don’t get used to the norm when you can explore from a wide range of exotic cuisines and make every meal special. Spring roll sauce is healthy and nutritious. The combination of the vegetables with amazing health benefits makes it necessary to be incorporated into your weekly menu.




Spring onion


Soy sauce



Vegetable oil

Seasoning cube

Spring Roll Sauce

How To Prepare

  1. Wash and cut your cabbage, carrot, onion and spring onion.
  2. Boil water in a pot and add your cabbage, carrot and onion and spring onion.
  3. Allow to boil for 1 minute or simply soak for few minutes. This helps to remove any germ.
  4. Pour into a sieve and allow the water to drain off.
  5. Chop your chicken into your desired size and season.
  6. Heat your vegetable oil in a frying pan and fry the chicken.
  7. Add the cabbage, carrot, onion and spring onion and stir fry.
  8. Add the curry and soy sauce and continue to stir fry for 5 minutes.
  9. Add 1 seasoning cube and fry for a minute.
  10. Your spring roll sauce is ready.
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Serve with rice or yam.