How To Stop Auto-Renewal On Glo

Stop Auto-Renewal On Glo : Glo is no doubt one of the network services with the highest data bonus rate.
Glo data auto-renewal feature enables automatic re-subscription of your current data plan upon expiration provided you have enough credit to complete the transaction.

Glo automatic renewal was created to help reduce the stress of dialing subscription codes.
But surely it has the dark side, what if you recharged to make call or text SMS, or buy another data plan that’s different from your previous plan and Glo renewed your data automatically?

So Instead of having your airtime credit deducted without prior notice for the renewal of your current Glo data plan here’s how to Cancel auto-renewal of your current data plan in order to use your airtime for other purposes.
To disable data automatic Auto-Renewal On Glo, you should follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to message » Your and send ‘CANCEL’ to 127 »
  • You will get a response showing that you’ve successful opted out of Glo data auto-renewal.
  • That’s basically how to disable or cancel auto-renewal on GLO, using that simple method.
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Stop Auto-Renewal On Glo