How To Migrate To MTN Zone Prepaid Tariff Plan With USSD Code
Do you need the code for migrating to MTN Zone? Learn how to Migrate to MTN Zone in this article. you would also learn how to activate MTN Zone prepaid call plan and other the basic information about MTN Zone prepaid tariff plan.

How to migrate to MTN zone plan

You can migrate to MTN Zone Tariff plan by dialing the USSD Code *135*1#

Other Codes for MTN Zone

  1. Plan Menu: *135#
  2. Activation: *135*1#
  3. Tariff Plan: *135*2#
  4. Tariff Rate: *135*3#
  5. Cell broadcast set-up information: *135*4#
  6. Notification on: *135*5#
  7. Notification off: 135*6#
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How to display MTN zone discount on your mobile phone

To display mtn zone discount on your on your mobile phone screen and also see how much you are going to be charged per seconds when you are about make call:

  1. Go to your text message settings and
  2. Create broadcast service with channel number 50.
  3. Put it on and you are set to get discount information on your network base on the zone you are.when you are about to make call, you will see how much you are going to be charged per seconds. the mtn zone helps you save money on calls.

What is MTN Zone Tariff Plan?

MTN Zone is an MTN Nigeria prepaid call tariff plan with huge discounts on MTN-to-MTN local calls. MTN Zone is also interesting because different zones have different rates. To know the MTN Zone rate at your zone, you have to turn on your cell broadcast to get the real time discount.
If you are considering, a tariff with the cheapest call, MTN Zone will give you that. However, you will have to deal with watching out for when the rates go low using your cell broadcast notification.

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Advantage Of MTN Zone

  • Amazing Discount On MTN to MTN Calls
  • Notification On Calls
  • Happy Hour Calls (Free Midnight Calls)
  • Incredible Added Value Service