AnonymoX: Download Browser Add-on for Private Browsing & More Features 1

AnonymoX is an initiative towards public or general anonymity online. Its available as a browse add-on for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. AnonymoX makes the process of being anonymous, hiding or disguising identity as easy as you could ever imagine.

AnonymoX is a simple and efficient Firefox and Chrome extension that enables you to browse the Internet anonymously and switch between various virtual identities.

What does AnonymoX do?

anonymoX is a great, easy-to-use browser tool for free, casual anonymization. It is equally fast and probably the most efficient proxy extension at disposal presently.

Meanwhile, with anonymoX you can:Bypass and visit the sites that blocked you by jelling a virtual identity from another entity,Protect your identity,Surf the nook and crannies of the web untraceable,Change to different countries or IPs, and many more.
Meanwhile, it is easy to set up.

Get anonymoX add-on for yourself

Download anonymoX for Mozilla Firefox

Download anonymoX for Google Chrome

Healthy anonymoX usage

anonymoX can protect your identity in the internet, but it's not a panacea!

anonymoX prevents essential options to identify you, for instance, it conceals your IP address. But there are other possibilities you can be traced while surging the web.

It is sacrosanct you know that anonymoX works solely in designated browsers such as Firefox and Chrome or as the type of extension you got and only for 'normal' http/https and ftp connections. If you use chats or filesharing programs for example, they wouldn't be anonymized.

Also, if probably you have visited a webpage without using anonymoX and such page has its cookie (small files which can be stored on your PC by a website to identify you across different visits) stored, anonymoX comes with the possibility to deactivate or delete cookies.