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Best Android Photo Editing Apps

You know sometimes we take so many pictures to take a perfect picture. When you unable to do then we think the phone camera is not Good. In these cases, you should try these photo editing apps.

best photo editing apps for android

best photo editing apps for android
These apps will automatically adjust colors, brightness, and all other editing stuff. Moral you do not need any computer for editing your photos.

Cropping, Zooming, text writing is the common feature. But apps have really amazing features that you don’t know

Software that we use in the computer is pretty expensive, but these apps are free and easy to use. On the Play store, there are a number of apps available. I have to try these apps and try to write about only the best apps.

If you want to compress images, then you use imagediamond to compress any type of image.

A Hand-pickup Photo Editing Apps for Android

PicsArt Photo Studio

This app is very famous in photo editing. It is download over 100,000,000+ times and 4.5 rating. The company really care about its user. They Reply to Every comment they got in plat store.

This app is free, but in-app purchase items can cost you between $0.27 to $113. But that is for professional photo editors.

You can do creative things like college making, changing the background for the specific part, creating stickers, Effects, Beauty, etc. all other stuff that you need to make your photos awesome.

You will also get a social network within this app to share your photos. App has a built-in camera. You can take photos at any moment, apply sticker and effects while taking pictures.

From Discover section, you will get an idea of how to edit your images and how to make them awesome. Watch this video to know more about it.


From Past couple of year, this app is trending in the photography section. Today it is number one photography.

If you love to take the selfie or you want to edit your photos while taking pictures, then you should use this. With over 300 million users and 4.4 rating by 3,369,014 Users, this app stands out from Other apps.

Features like skin editing, perfect eyes, Creating smile, Magic bush, Blur you will not get in any other. BeautyPlus app size is pretty big than other apps.


Do you know this app is developed by Google? Some features are really incredible, but you will miss a lot of feature in this app.

You will not get any college maker in this app. Basically, this app is unique.

Some features like Portrait, Brush, Lens blur, etc. you will not get any in other apps. There are total 29 tools available for app editing.

Google Keep updating this app. Last time they update this app in June 2018. Snapseed is installed by 50,000,000+ users it has 4.5 rating.

This is not advance photo editor app. You will get basic features like Tune image which means adjust photo colors, Perspective Fix skewed lines and perfect the geometry of horizons or buildings.

Healing Remove the uninvited neighbor from a group picture etc.

If you are not looking for something advance, then you can try this app.

Adobe Photo Editing Apps

You know adobe photoshop for computer just rocks. There is no alternative to Photoshop. Adobe also has apps for the android user.

The company created around four apps related to editing and Graphic design. No matter Either you want to edit your photos or do something graphic design like creating the logo and design logo these apps will do your work.

Adobe Photoshop Express

In this, you will get features like one-touch filters, Noise Reduction (Reduce useless Grain). Deflog Reduce Fog and Haze in the photos, college maker, etc.

This is most used Adobe application.

Adobe Photoshop Fix

In this app, you will get features like Retouch and restore photos. Face Aware Liquify (Make changes in Facem, Make bigger Smile).

Liquify push, pull, rotate photos. Adjust colors, Use tools according to you. Defocus: blur part of the photo to draw attention to the main subject.

Adobe Photoshop Mix

If you want to combine multiple images, then this app is best for you. To use this, you need an internet connection and adobe id.

You can cut your images and then combine using this app. Meaning of combine is drawing images over images.

Adobe Spark Post

If you want to do graphic designing, then try this app. This is not a very famous app. It is a really basic app.


This app is one of best photo editing app in the world. If you are looking for easy photo editing app, then you should try this app.

You know airbrush has 4.8 rating by 807,704 users.

This app is free but in-app purchase option is available, and you will also face ads while using this app.

This app is best for who like editing photos of the human. I mean in this app you will get features like remove pimple remover, Whiten Teeth and Brighten Eyes. Perfect Skin etc. Real-time editing technology (Edit your selfie before taking the picture)

Add Depth and Style to your photos with the help of Blur editing tool.


Again who like to edit photos of human this app is best for them. You can easily edit your photos with the help of this app.

One of the Best things I like about this app is that it is free. You will not get any ad in this app, but it is not free. It cost around $3.53.

In this app, you will get features like perfect smiles, beautiful skin, bright eyes, etc. Hair Salon etc.

If your looks are not Good, then you can make it Good with the help of this app. Using this you can even customize the color of your lips.

I mean you can customize every face expression using this app.


Maybe you did not hear about this app. But this is a really amazing app. This app is best suitable for the images of an object type.

There is a great filter option. There is a built-in camera app. Using this you can customize images before taking. If you like to play with the colors, then try this.

Using this app, you customize of every color of every space which makes this app is really awesome. Intelligent object removal helps you to remove the object with very easily.

If you want to know more about this app, then you should try this app.

LightX photo Editor

You probably thing like this author is writing only Good stuff about these apps. Believe these apps are just amazing. I told you I have personal collect these apps from the play store.

It is all in one app. In this you will get tools for face editing tools like removing pimples, changing skin color or you can even change hair color.

Those who want to join two images, play with the background (changing the background color, Changing Full background etc.). I mean with the help of this app you can change the color of every pixel.

Watch the Video to know more about the feature of this app. You will get an Idea of how amazing this app is.


I’m sure that you know about this app. Most of you may be using this app. It is Free app which makes money from ads. (contain in-app purchase)

I think this app is not advance photo editor app, but simple features but these features can be totally customized according to you.

I mean college feature using this app you can customize border size and color. Using other apps, you can write text but using this app you can customize font size and color.

Double exposure and overlays is a great option of combining images.

Photo Editor by Aviary

Another great app is available in the Google play store. There are 20 tools available to make a beautiful picture.

Basically, this app is if you want to adjust colors automatically. You can manually fix colors too. Other Simple features like focus, draw and adding text, color balance, free stickers available for adding to your photo.

If you are a frame lover, then try this app. Aviary app is downloaded over 50,000,000+ times, and it has 4.3 rating by 1,492,201 users.
The best thing about this app it contains no ads.

YouCam Perfect

For selfie lovers, this app is just treason. This app is made for editing selfie pictures. There is everything like effects, adding stickers and text, college and frames. Focus on a particular thing.

Using this app you can even reshape your face, skin smoother makes a dry skin or whatever do you want. With the help of unique intelligent object removal, you can remove objects with making your photos ugly.

Photo Lab Pro

This app is not free but it just … Actually, I don’t have a word for this app. Price is app this app is $11.58. Which is ok.

I know you try the effects of every other app but this app just really amazing effects. I think that’s why this app is paid because it has the amazing filter, frames available that you could not find in any other app.

There is everything pre-made you just need to select your photo.

Prisma Photo Editor

If you like to do creative things then use this app. Here is call crazy stuff that you need while editing your photos. This app is used by 100 million people worldwide from them 819,573 user rate it 4.1.

You will ads while using the app. So Make sure you turn internet connection off while using the app. There are more than 800 filters available with stunning photo effects.

Mainly this app is used to create paint effect.

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