How To Check MTN Data Balance (Including SME)

Here is how to check your MTN data balance via USSD or Text Message. Get MTN data balance code from here ASAP also for SME. Check MTN data plan and bundles list and learn how to borrow MTN data. Check MTN data subscriptions balance.

How to Check MTN Data Balance

You can possibly check any MTN data bundles balance either by USSD code or by stipulated MTN data balance format of text messages.

Traditionally, the customer centre for MTN data plan and bundles is the vintage 131, click here to see carefully profiled MTN data plan subscription bundles or simply dial *131# straight up to get instant access to various MTN data bundles and their various subscription codes.

Whenever you use the internet on your phone, you're using data.

Whether it's browsing the web, sending an email, or watching a TV programme. Downloading and using apps will also take a slice out of your data allowance.

Watching videos on YouTube and streaming music tend to use quite a bit of data, but using Twitter or Facebook and browsing the internet in general uses a lot less.

Meanwhile, surfing the web actually attracts data, and with no active data plan from any network provider compatible with your SIM you leave your airtime to be use in place of the data plan subscription.

Check MTN Data Balance

The best way of tracking how much data you've used is via USSD code or by text message. Text 2 to 131. This will show you how many megabytes (MB) you have left.

Better still, Check your active data bundle allowance by dialing *131*4# or *223# or *140#.

For SME subscribers, you can check your MTN SME data balance by dialing *461*2#

You can also top up your MTN Data Plan Subscription Bundle if you want to increase your data usage. See complete and most recent MTN Data Subscription below

MTN Data Overview

  1. MTN Daily Data Subscriptions
    • 50MB @ N100
    • 150MB @ N200
  2. MTN Weekly Data Subscription
  3. 150MB @ N300
  4. 500MB + 250MB Bonus (1am - 7am) making 750MB @ N500
  5. MTN Monthly Data Subscription
    • 1.0GB + 500 Bonus (1am - 7am) @ N1000 1.5GB @ N1200
    • 2.5 + 1GB Bonus (1am - 7am) making 3.5GB @ N2000
    • 5GB @ N3,500
    • 10GB @ N5000
    • 22GB @ N10,000
  6. MTN 2-Months Data Subscription
    • 50GB @ N20,000
  7. MTN 3-Months Data Subscription
    • 85GB @ N50,000

Check MTN Data Bundles Balance, Dial *131*4# or send a text message to 131, i.e text "2" to "131".

And remember, Wi-Fi does not count towards your data allowance. So switch to Wi-Fi whenever you can to save on your data usage.

Interestingly, unused MTN data bundles can be extended with the MTN data roll over policy. Unable to exhaust your MTN data bundle on time, no need to fear about its expiration. Simply renew your active MTN data bundle before it expires and you definitely got your data plan extended with bonuses.

No Active MTN Data Plan? Borrow Data Now

No active MTN data plan subscription equally means you browse with the rate of 5 kobo per kilobyte. Your loaded airtime on your MTN Nigeria SIM will be served and billed for the data usage amount.

Meanwhile, in the case on no active MTN data plan, you can actually borrow MTN data with MTN XtraValue Data simply by dialing *131*6*#.

To be able to borrow data from MTN, you have to consistently recharge your phone at least N100 recharge monthly. Though. Other terms and conditions is applied.

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