You like a guy but you just can not seem to get him over his ex! What is going on here !? He is not even with the girl, but he just will not commit to you like he should because of this girl! How do you make him want you instead? How do you make him get over her?

Read on to find how how to get him over his ex ...

Tip # 1: Get Him Over His Ex By Becoming Better Than His Ex!

Find out what he found so attractive in this girl in the first place. Trust me, it's not just looks. A lot of men look at the personality ... such as things like emotional maturity, independence etc ...

Is this girl established or is she an emotional wreck? You see, if she is highly established (works, has a lot going on for her), then you should try and do the same, only on a grander scale. Achieve your goals outside of this man, and this will prove to him that you are a high class woman, and it will make him feel attracted to you, since it will show him that you are not too needy or clingy to men.

If the girl is an emotional wreck, you should understand that she was probably a project of his. Some people like to help others to feel better about themselves, and sometimes he feels guilty or hurt because this girl is still an emotional wreck, and you can help him get over that fact by explaining this to him, and also by keeping yourself controlled and emotionally strong for him. This will help get him over his ex.

Tip # 2: Get Him Over His Ex, By Making Him Jealous!

Start to flirt with some of his male companions. This will trigger jealousy and will instantly have him thinking about you! You see, when he notices other people interested in you, and when he notices you showing interest in others ... he will immediately feel as if he is going to lose you, and all of his concentration will be solely on you now.

This is because it feels like rejection when a man sees a woman flirting with another man. He instantly presents uniquate and as if he needs to step up his game now, because you shot a low blow to his ego, by making him jealous.

He will then work to get your attention, and will work to have you around now. This is the fastest and easiest way to get him over his ex.

Also remember that since jealous triggers attraction, you should never remind him if his ex is dating someone else, in an effort to prove that he should move on. For instance, you tell him that his ex is just promiscuous because she goes around with other men and dates many people.

That would be an obvious mistake, because then he would be very jealous and would constantly be thinking about her with other men now as a result ... so as a tip, never bringing up his ex in comparison to you.