Everybody knows to transfer/ send files from android to pc through USB or Bluetooth on Computer, we generally connect our Android Phone from the cable on windows PC or MAC daily. However, Do you think before would we be able to share any files or folder/ data from Phone to PC through wireless?

Today in this article, I am sharing, 3 best methods to use SHAREit on pc to transfer files or taking the procedure of Xender or WifiDroid.

convert your android smartphone

If you would not want to plug the USB cable to transfer your files on PC. Here are the easiest methods for transfer files from android to/from pc. In my Previous post, I have shared best Music app for iPhone and iPad. Well, there are many applications are available in Google Play Store for transfer files between mobile and PC, But we are presenting the best & favorite methods that will help you to transfer file in just second.

In this tutorials under 10 minutes, I have shared three best tweaks & procedure for sharing your Files/Folder/Data on PC using SHAREIt, Xender, and WifiDroid. You need not worry for any USB, infrared or a Bluetooth. So let’s begin, what’s with first methods.

Some Requirements to use all applications in PC

To successfully transfer or receiving files you must need to install the software

  • Must have WiFi adapter driver Installed in PC
  • Both networks require connecting to the similar Wifi Networks (if they need Password)

Important Notes:- (If in your PC have not installed the wifi adapter software you cannot access to transfer data or file. You must have to install the wifi driver successfully in your Computer.) (This all method doesn’t need any USB Data Cable or Bluetooth)

How to use shareit on PC to transfer files and data fromto mobile
Shareit File Transfer Process

Installing SHAREit on PC & Phone

Before going to the procedure you first have to download and install the SHAREit on PC and Mobile Phone. To shareit for windows software, you need to go ahead on Official Website at ushare.it and download & install in your desired device i.e, Android, iOS, WinPhone, Windows or Mac. So below is a first Methods about how to use SHAREit on pc. Please have patience and follow the method.

How to Use SHAREit on PC to Transfer Files in Mobile

share file without usb tricks

  • Tap “Connect to PC” connect PC for Free Share
  • Now open the SHAREit software on PC
  • It will automatically search for devices.
    Click “Connect to PC” and scan the QR code on the phone

Transfer Music from Computer to Android without USB

  • Click “Accept Request” SHAREit pop up in your phone.

(Make sure your phone and PC are on the same WiFi network) if the wireless will not catch then tap on SHAREit software “is the device you are searching for not found ” and you can look your password try to connect your wifi like it on Your Personal SHAREit Network Password.. 0763851

sharing tricks

To Transfer Music, Videos files, Folder using SHAREit

  • Once connected, you will drag and drop files in SHAREit Software
  • Using the SHAREit you will transfer your file 4 to 6mbps/ sec
  • This is the awesome way to share your files using SHAREit on PC to Transfer Files in any devices.

Remind there:- If you face some Challenge in connecting the SHAREit, I recommend trying to download & install the old version apk in your Mobile and reconnect them. When I personally tried the latest SHAREit App in my Android Phone then this happened so keep please remind in your Mind.

Now Let’s look at second method, This is similar to the SHAREit but Functions and Procedure are different:

How to Use Xender on PC to Transfer Files in Android

send or receive file without usb

  • At below tap to Transfer file from PC/Mac

Create a Hotspot to share file without usb

  • Start a Mobile Hotspot to connect to PC

android to pc transfer without usb

  • After you got an IP web address like
  • Connect your Wifi Connection on PC as for ex: Xender_AP83cd

wifi connect properly

  • Now Paste the IP web address on your PC Browser
  • Click Accept the permission on your phone in order to connect the device.
Tricks to share data without cable
(Xender on PC) dashboard
  • Click “Upload” and you can transfer any files from computer to Android without USB cable.
  • No need to copy all your files or folder without USB, Move it fastly

Let’s look at the third and final method,

Transfer files/data from Android Phone to PC using WifiDroid

transfer file from computer to android without usb

  • Press the button to Start/ Stop the service
  • Enable the Hotspot for data transfer or receiving


  • Now you will get an IP Address simply in your PC web browser enter the URL
  • You will look at your all storage file on your desktop
Wifi Droid transfer file without bluetooth
Wifi Droid dashboard
  • To share the folder or files you can drag and drop off your file