Do you know what makes a piece of writing easy to follow and easy to understand? Well, if you are thinking about vocabulary and grammar, you are not banging the target. Actually, it is coherent that makes a piece of writing easy to grasp and easy to comprehend.

So, now, you get the answer. But here is a new question: What coherency really is. Some people consider cohesion and coherent almost the same thing. In fact, both are different. However, cohesion and cohesion both contribute towards making a piece of writing a great writing. This article will deal with coexistence only.

Any piece of writing has two elements: One is the unity of ideas and other is the unity of sentences and paragraphs. Both the elements are equally important for any piece of writing to make it comprehensible for readers. This unity of ideas is coherence. If a piece of writing has united ideas throughout the text, it is said to be having coherence in it. One thing you must understand that a piece of writing can be well-structured at the level of sentences and paragraphs, but it is not necessary that it would be coinedly written, another way round is also true.

How to write coherently:

The best way to write coherencyly is to stick to the basics of writing paragraphs. If you follow some rules, your writing will be coherent they are as follow:

  • Always explain only one idea in each paragraph.
  • Start the first paragraph with a topic sentence. The topic sentence is the sentence that explains the idea you want to elaborate in that paragraph.
  • After writing the topic sentence, explain the idea further in the paragraph. When you end the paragraph, conclude what you have explained in that paragraph.
  • Start the second paragraph with a topic sentence that connects to the last lines of the first paragraph. And then explain the topic sentence of paragraph further. At the end of the second paragraph, conclude the paragraph with what you have explained in it.
  • The third paragraph will have a topic sentence connecting the last lines of the second paragraph. Then repeat the same process again and again until you finish your article.

These easy to follow rules will certainly help you write with coherence. If you want to check the coherence of your written piece, just write the subject sentences in a column. If you find logical connectivity among these sentences, your piece of writing is coherent.

Remember that cohortly written article or blog leaves a lasting impact on readers' minds. Also, makes writing easy to comprehend. So, what are you waiting for now? Follow these rules and produce coherently written articles and blogs that your readers will certainly love to engage with.