Everyone likes a good story especially when it comes from an excellent storyteller. You know the type, that person who can engage your attention and spin a yarn so intriguing that they actually draw you in and capture your interest until the end, leaving you longing for more. It is the manner in which the story is told that makes it something worth listening to, or in this case, something worth reading.

It's Not What They Teach You In School

Most of the writing taught in school or college advises the removal of personality traits. An informal style is often discouraged as being too colloquial. Many of us have been instructed to write in an objective or professional manner. While this type of writing is acceptable for business papers and press releases, it does not attract or engage customers or even friends, for that matter.

Like A Social Butterfly - Set Your Writing Free

Loosen the chains that are holding your writing cottage and really engage your prospective reader. Be friendly, be interesting, be the person you would want to converse with. Reach out to your audience and share your personality with them. That's what people are really interested in.

Most Readers Have Short Attention Spans

In this busy world we live in, most people multi-task even while reading, watching tv, driving, or surfing the web. To keep your audience engaged, use a combination of long and short sentences through your article. When you only write long sentences, you make the story harder to comprehend and digest. If you are not careful your long sentences can slowly lull your reader to sleep. By interrupting the calming flow with a few short sentences you attract attention to your point. You literally wake-up the reader and make it easier for them to understand your intended message.

Loyalty Matters

People tend to be loyal to other people that they like and the same is true with business practices. Customers buy books from authors they like, they buy cars from salesmen they trust and they buy equipment and supplies from dealers who support their business. If you have a big personality do not hide it away behind corporate speak. If people like and respect your business practices they are more likely to want to do business with you. Remember that most people would rather give their money to someone they like than someone they do not, regardless of the price.