Tips on How To Write The Perfect Essay Or Report

In education, a research essay is a common assignment given to ascertain how much a student has learned and understood about the concerned subject. In business, a report is a work of record that states issues, searches for facts, and seeks solutions. Regardless of the length of your essay or report, it may look simple to write one, but as a matter of fact it is quite difficult to come up with the perfect one.

The format of your essay or report should consist of four main aspects namely a specific research topic, relevant data collection, data analysis to answer your questions and conclusions with key insights.

1) State a Specific Research Topic

Often, you have to narrow down the research topic to a manageable size, with a "thesis statement" in any essay or a "purpose" in any report. For example, writing about the topic "Marketing" is too broad. "Internet marketing" gives you a target topic to write about and that is online marketing. Your final title could read as "How to Design the Best Internet Marketing Campaign to Boost Your Direct Email Response Rate". As you can see, this title gives a well-defined topic with specific benefits that keep readers in mind. Choose something that you are interested in learning and writing about. This is because you may spend hours, days or months working on this topic. So, it is very crucial to engage in a topic you enjoy and feel inspired to write.

2) Collect Relevant Data and Information

A great place to start your research is your nearby library as it is a treasure of valuable reference material. Of course, with the internet at your disposal, you can also conduct an online research at home. Primary data such as interviews, questionnaires and surveys are designed to collect specific variables and are obtained directly from the source. Secondary data is sourced from third party sources such as books, articles and journals. You should collect only that data which is relevant to your essay or business report. Don't waste time on matters that don't relate to your topic. Sometimes, it's easy to get lost surfing online. Discipline yourself with a 30-minute timer. Organize all in digital folders. There are many software programs designed to help you organize research data. Evernote is the one that I love to use. It helps you to remember and sync everything across different devices.

3) Analyze Data to Answer Your Questions

After collecting all relevant data, you will need to analyze it with a curious mind. Read all the information. Sort, group and organize. Sieve through all the information with critical eyes. Sometimes, it is helpful to prepare graphs, charts and tables so that you will discover a pattern or a trend. At other times, you just need to read, study and interpret all in your own way to give it a new conceptual meaning.

4) Conclude With Key Insights and Action Steps

The purpose of every essay or report is to answer some questions including issues, Challenges or challenges. Before a final conclusion is made, list out the alternatives or options with pros and cons. Choose the best alternative and give logical reasons to support it. Summarize your paper and try to bring up a meaningful "Why" and "How" connection. Provide new insights, solutions and action steps that will help to make positive changes.

So, to sum up, this is how you should prepare to write a perfect essay or report. It is important that you try to write your draft and have someone else edit or proofread it for you. You may think that you have a well-written essay for your teacher or a well-documented report for your boss. However, a professional editor or proof-reader will help to catch your unseen mistakes. If you are writing special reports for your companies, the task seems tedious at the end. Hire a copywriter who understands business-to-business writing. You will save time and headaches increasing your productivity and response rate.

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